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This is where you'll see my musings on being a technologist. I blog about the things I learn, what inspires me, and an assortment of randomness.

The State of Things

I gave myself some much-needed time to breathe...

The Urge to... Disconnect

Plug in, Plug out

Building User Enabled Dark Mode

Using CSS and a bit of Javascript magic

Color Experiments with p5.js

Continuing my focus on improving my skillset through creative coding...

Lets Just Call This --> How to make a Cube

TW: This is not a tutorial,think of it as beardcrumbs

Combating Racial Bias in UX Design

A look at how UX design can negate racism and promote positive impact

Confirmation Bias In UX Design

An overview of the most common forms of bias seen in interaction design

My Essential UI Toolset

Even with the best tools, you still have to learn how and when to apply then given the task at hand.

New Year, New Goals

Resolutions are one of those things that we all try to do but never finish.

The Psychology Of Color

Colors have a way of evoking certain emotional states within humans.

Topics To Consider in User Interface Design

User Interface Design covers a variety of topics and a multitude of disciplines which is why it is classified as a interdisciplinary career field.

Cognitive Science in User Interface Design (Part 1)

What is the connection with the human brain process and user interface design?

My Dealings with Event Handlers

Event handlers help keep track of every action performed by the user.

A Short Primer on Design Systems

The importance of having a Design System is crucial to a team for a variety of reasons.

My First Post

This is my very first post!

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